Caviar Complex

The race of esturgeon exist since more than three hundred million year, a lot more before dinosaurs, that's why we call it the "fossil fish" The beluga, from caspian sea is the giant of the family. He can be 9m tall, weight 1500 kg and have a 100 years lifetime. In wildlife, the esturgeon's female take 15 to 20 years to be mature for reproduction and then ... produce caviar.
That's explain why the incredible price can reach those little eggs, well surnamed "black gold" : In Paris, during the NYE, a kilogram of caviar can reach 16500€ Recognized as one of the greatness delicacy on the planet, the caviar is also a extraordinary rich ingredient. There is 47 vitamin and minerals in the caviar, that is why it's a delicacy for your skin too.
A selection of 3 different caviar
for an exclusive complex

Hyaluronic Acid

The deep action of the serum is a true smoothing action made possible by the presence of a component dear to the avant-garde aesthetic surgery: Hyaluronic Acid HA. The spheres of hyaluronic acid HA contained in the OcéAnge serum are totally dehydrated and therefore reduced to a microscopic state. Thus, they can penetrate the micro-depressions and reach the superficial layers of the epidermis. By rehydrating through epidermal transpiration, the spheres will increase in volume and fill the fine lines of the inside.

This OcéAnge treatment is an excellent
alternative to hyaluronic acid injections

The results of the scientific study:
After one hour: reduction of wrinkles by 7.5%
After 6 hours: 12% reduction in expression wrinkles.
The process of wrinkle filling begins right from the application and lasts for 12 hours.


Born two billion years ago, spirulina is a blue spiral-shaped microalgae. By transforming sunlight into cellular energy with the production of oxygen, spirulina was, two billion years ago, the source of the earth's atmosphere, and therefore of life on earth..

Since the therapeutic properties of spirulina have been proved in vitro by more than 300 scientific studies which have revealed three main beneficial effects:
A powerful anti-oxidizing and anti-free radical action
A stimulation of immune defenses
A cellular detoxification effect
Such a profusion of properties make spirulina an asset of exceptional richness to fight, at the heart of each cell of the epidermis, against the free radicals and oxidation responsible for aging skin.
Thanks to its richness of amino acids essential to the body, polyunsaturated, vitamins (provitamin A, vitamin B12, E, ...), this algae reduces the harmful effects of free radicals.

Collagène Natif Marin

OcéAnge has enriched its day and night care with collagen of marine origin in order to give the skin its properties in terms of flexibility and elasticity. By the age of 30, the density of the collagen fibers is reduced inexorably. For this, a healthy supply of collagen fibrils is crucial for your face. the Native Marin Collagen, associated with the proteins of the extract of CAVIAR, is an exclusivity OcéAnge. No other cosmetic care on the market can bring you so much wealth and benefits. And that OcéAnge care users throughout the world quickly understood. Strong and resistant skin illuminates the lines and has less wrinkles. Native marine collagen and Caviar extract regenerate the connective tissues that support the structure of the skin. This ingredient helps deeply moisturize the mature, dry skin to keep cells healthy and resilient and thus preserve the original oval face.

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