OceAnge Cosmetic Anti-Aging Caviar

OceAnge Anti-Aging Cosmetics Caviar lands in the realm of luxury cosmetics.

To open OceAnge Cosmetic Anti-Aging Caviar, you will have to switch back the satin black pyramid, marked with a star of silver.

To discover, on its base, an elegant pot of OcéAnge® scratched metal. Then, and this is where the magic really works, you will fall under the charm of the ocean scents. Then the caressing texture of a very high-end cosmetic care.

OcéAnge® “Anti-aging caviar complex”

Combines the regenerative power of CAVIAR’s proteins with that of a blue micro-algae, recognized to be the origin of life on Earth 2 billion years ago: SPIRULINE.
Result, redensifying creams of an infinite softness that conjugate marvelously efficiency more pleasure, the proof in your mirror that science has finally managed to overcome time.

After 30 years, the skin undergoes a cell disorder. The natural slowdown of cellular renewal of the skin added to the daily UV exposure of daylight, pollution, tobacco, stress are factors in the appearance of wrinkles. When the upper fibers are destroyed and the thickness of the dermis and epidermis decreases, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. The junction between the dermis and the epidermis is then less tense. Fine lines appear and wrinkles of expression widen.

Why recommend Océange care?
The new Océange care contains active principles preventing cell degeneration. These quality components allow, in particular, a hydration of the skin and a decrease in the amplitude of the wrinkles. The unique combination of caviar and spirulina tightens the junction between the dermis and the epidermis, the zone of excavation of the wrinkle. Caviar and spirulina contribute in particular to the preservation of collagen. Elastin thus restoring to the skin all its elasticity and its tonicity. The skin regains its youth.

Attractive anti-aging range

It is suitable for most types of skin, exclusive and effective formulas (marine resources and technology), the client will be faithful.
Very high-end products at a reasonable price and a real favorite for design.

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